best buds

by Mom Jeans.

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Second Vinyl Pressing
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Mom Jeans. is:
Eric Butler-guitar/vocals
Gabriel Paganin-bass
Austin Carango-drums/vocals

music and lyrics by Mom Jeans.
lyrics on track 4 by Mom Jeans. and Evan Carr

guests vocals on track 3 by Sarah Levy of Pity Party

Engineered by Ryan Ellery
drums/bass recorded @ The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA
guitars/vocals recorded/mixed @ Ryan's Dad's house
Mastered by James Travescus in Bristol, UK

photo by Robert Borsdorf


released July 3, 2016


all rights reserved



Mom Jeans. California

Eric Butler
Austin Carango
Gabriel Paganin
Bart Starr


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Track Name: death cup
I think it's about time that I warned you I might cry in front of you
and I don't want you to feel like I'm afraid of the truth
I didn't want you to feel like it was all your fault
but that doesn't mean that I wanted you to feel nothing at all

what do you want me to say when I can't tell you the truth
please tell me how the fuck I'm supposed to deal with losing you

so what's the point of talking if you're not changing your mind
it just reminds me of the lying and it's wasting my time
so was it worth it to me to wait around and then see
if all my love was well spent my nighttime hikes and weekends
you are my best friend and I don't want this to end
Track Name: danger can't
I'm getting kind of tired of all the empty picture frames
still feels like I'm not quite moved in yet
I'm getting kind of tired of facing all my fears
at one time it's hard to believe that I'll be fine one day

I don't get too far before I waver off
take as much as I can before I get caught

I'm getting so tired of coughing out my lungs
and sticking out my tongue to catch the breath you stole the day you
told me this was love and healed me with your hugs
and made me feel this might just not be doomed to fail so hard

I'm not scared of dying I'm just overwhelmed
I love you more than I've ever loved myself
I don't expect anything can't get my hopes up too far
don't text me just to pick up, call just to cut me off

and it makes me kind of glad that you think
about me late at night when you can't sleep
and I'm sorry that your sad but i can't do anything for you
Track Name: movember
why you gotta be so fuckin mean
said it's not your scene could you just leave me
alone with my friends alone with my thoughts
but I often have thoughts that can't be shared and
If you really cared about my health about my heart
then you would start keeping track of all the times
you said that you we're fine but really weren't
it's just like back in time when you were five
the doctor said you would be fine
but it still hurt and I'm still sure it was just a little trick to make us feel alright

now I smell like smoke and I feel like shit
probably couldn't hurt if I took a dip
maybe then I'll finally be as clean as I was back at eighteen

'cause I'm not getting any younger
my lungs get blacker every day
if I were to grow a bread stop drinking beer I fear you might not
love me enough to make you stay
I really hope you'll stay

I know I said that it's not your problem
I know I said that it's not your care
this is a problem that can't get fixed with three drunk texts and one wet kiss
Track Name: edward 40hands
what do you want me to say it's never going away
'cause I'm stuck on you like the smell of cigarettes on your flower dress
I want you under my fingernails I want you in my sleep and in my dreams
I wake up spooning my pillow sweaty hand but please don't tell your friends
now I'm addicted to cigarettes at first I din't let myself inhale
but smoke got through and so did you and now every burn hole smells like home
and I know it's killing me but that still won't stop me
'cause now we smell the same but you still kill me faster

I don't mid that you lie sometimes
because I lie too guess I'm just like you
Track Name: *sobs quietly*
baby I'm sorry things didn't work out the way that I planned
but we both know that planning's not my strong suit
I'm sad that I lost you but I won't chase you I still dont
blame you for making me stall when I learned how to drive you car
because your best friends were all too sad to take you to the airport

and I miss you every minute of every day tell me
why cant you still make a decision 'cause I'm getting better at
crying without making any noise all I want is your voice in my head
and your hair in my bed

please tell me why I'm so afraid of dying alone so scared and so stoned
but I don't know what I need so just tell me what you need
you're all I need just please don't make me
Track Name: poor boxer shorts
I'm getting so tired of the inside of my bedroom
force myself to go outside and get some light
wear a t-shirt that's not black
get myself into the shower stay inside there for an hour
barely get back home on time I'm just fine

I'm always double parked my car won't start you ripped my heart out
and i't's hurting so bad
but that's alright I'll be fine if this bleeding won't subside
'cause it keeps me warm

'cause it's so hard
to change your clothes
every morning

so lend me your ears I'll keep you safe
as long as you let me

'cause I'm so sad
whenever you're not here

and I need you
more than
you need me
Track Name: girl scout cookies
I know it's not exactly what you're looking for
but that doesn't mean that you can disregard
all of the things that you told me before
I think back to all the times I kissed your hands
and how I can't stand the touch of any other hands
you tell me I should quit well I think you should sit
right there and think about how your words make me feel

take me back to water breaks and burning insides
way back when we got high for the very first time
I try so hard not to show how much I like this
'cause I feel happy again

so take me back
I'll wait

I know it seems like I'm wasting my time away
on things that still don't matter I don't care who can shotgun faster
but when the goat runs dry what's left behind is someone I don't mind
I'm dying with
Track Name: scott pilgrim v. my GPA
it's hard for me to see exactly where the hell I went wrong
I never thought I'd see the day where we wouldn't get long
you think I smoke too much I think your friends all suck
can't figure out the reason why our parents fight so much
and I've given up on luck

but I'm happy here

so leave my sweater on the porch
I'll put your bag under the stairs
don't go back to our old place it's probably locked up anyway
I bet it still looks looks the same as when I ran away that day
it doesn't matter anyway

I sleep well alone now
Track Name: vape nation
is it so much to ask that you text me back
I'm so scared of losing touch I'm scared to ask if you know that
the reason why I try so hard to be nice
is so no one else will leave me behind
you're right that it's not that hard to tell the ones that you love
how much they mean and how you'd feel if it was them and not us
but I can make the time in my life to be sad every time you're around me

how did it make you feel to know you're not quite enough
for someone who took so much from you and then just gave up
on the things that used to make me so glad I got to be holding your hand
'cause I'm not too busy i'm just still dizzy trying to
catch my fucking breath through these sweat-soaked sheets
but you're still so pretty and I'm still to skinny to hold
all this weight on my own

but I find the time to tell everyone I love
that someday I won't need them anymore but that's because
they've given me everything I need to be me
you let me be me

I'm not going back to my bed before I find a way to tire myself out
it seems that everything tires me out except trying to get some rest

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