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puppy love

by Mom Jeans.

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turn off my cellphone I'm going off the grid, which for me is eating cheetos in my bed, watching movies and drinking chocolate milk alone // I guess it's my antisocial tendencies that are keeping me from my friends and the things that could be helping me get by // Oh, but it'll get better they say, step by step, and day by day, inch by inch and play by play, but I'm scared I might not have that kind of time // so what'll you do when all that you love slowly drifts away from you and there's no-one you can blame except yourself? when you fall, and you bleed will you need me to be the one that keeps you operating? 'cause if so then I'll get comfortable // so cut the bullshit and show me that you mean it when you tell me that you'll love me every day until you die, 'cause you're the only thing I need to help keep me alive for the next few years or so, 'cause you're the meanest when you know that I need it and the worst thing that you could ever do to me is leave me wondering if you still love me too
well I hate your fucking face, and the way you always made fun of me for biting my nails // you think I'm not as smart as you, think I'm not cool enough to keep up with the crowd you associate with // tried reading a new book, it's hard not to look, but I can't help from wondering what you're up to now but it's not my place so I'll give you your space // fuck me up 'cause I can't remember just who I was before I met you a better person a prop to use then throw away// I need a break, 'cause for some reason I only get tired in the morning and I feel so boring // I don't think these wounds will heal themselves, and if they do it won't be 'cause you helped, you never fucking helped, you never fucking cared, you only ever cared about yourself // I never thought it'd be so hard, we haven't spoken since last march, I try to cut you out but I still care about you, I'll always fucking care about you
glamorous 04:08
wouldn't it be nice, to not have to care about anything, or anyone? it's not that I don't like you anymore I think that I'm just having trouble feeling successful in my own life, maybe we could take some time to think // so I'll cut all my fingers off at the bone 'cause it's easier than trying to be okay with the parts of me that I don't like // it's not as glamorous as you thought it'd be, its not as easy as everyone made it seem, why did it ever feel like a good idea to be alone? // so what's it gonna take, for these feelings to disappear? what else can I do to make my anxieties go away? how else can i try to get by without ending it all? // when there's nowhere you can run I promise I'll still be the one you can call when you can't sleep // and someday we'll look back and say, why were we ever so afraid to say how we feel?
long drive home through the rain, can't help from feeling like things will never be the same again, it's no-ones fault that I feel this way, there's nothing you can do but watch me decay // and all the things you say to me i can't remember them all, but please don't think that it's because you're problems don't matter to me, when you're alone and scared I will be there to listen to you, I'm trying the hardest that I can
PT 2 02:52
it's not for you to say what's best for me to do with my time, you're not the one who has to put these socks on every morning // just wait for me to block this out of my head // just wait for me to get these fucking words out of my lungs // pull the skin off my bones so that I can finally breathe freely for the first fucking time in my life // how dare you come in my life and make me rely on you, how can you live with yourself knowing you did this to me?
always changing the way you look, I'm not usually one to judge a book by what's on the outside but your face looks different every time we meet, I want to see what's underneath, need to know that my body isn't just a hollow shell to fill with Marlboro lights and unethically sourced meats // 'Cause I, don't like this, and you, don't seem to care, whether I stay alive, not really trynna die but I'm not saying it's the worst thing that could happen to me now // 'Cause I'm stuck on the five in traffic, on my way to Fresno to see my friends, when we're all dead I'll never have to sit through all this fucking rubbernecking with no a/c again
well I can't make you (make you) do anything that you don't wanna do, and you can't make me (make me) say anything to put myself in a position to make me seem like just another, spoiled fuckface, with no idea how things work in the real world where you have no control // well you think (you think) that I don't care enough and that I'm lazy, well I think (I think) that you're just building up, a wall to try and protect yourself from the fact that I'm going to spend the rest of my dumb fucking life loving you, and it feels weird // let's just, smoke a bowl and talk about this later, I just wanna watch the office and turn in early, tomorrow morning is a whole new fucking problem and I just might not survive the night if you can't find the time to be nice to me
well sometimes I get lonely even though it's only been a good forty five minutes since I left your house, and I can't help from feeling like I'm tired of being slowed down by all the shit I put inside myself // it's time to get some help, from someone who's not you or my parents, 'cause there's no one else, who can, work these issues out except for me // so I guess that we'll see in a few years if all the work we did held strong, and if I ever move out of my dads house, then I will finally be alone // this is exactly what I told myself I didn't want // but I guess it's not, that far of a drive back to my house, it's closer than it may seem if you can manage to find a good parking spot, it could be worse, at least i still get to be around you, every chance that I can
feeling like I ate too much again, like I'm a stupid piece of shit that doesn't have any friends, the only two things I really can talk to are my PlayStation and my dog, tried eating vegan but I'm a fraud, I don't know why I'm surprised it's not odd for me to be having this much trouble doing something like this right on the first try // but if I work real hard,maybe I'll make you see, through my words and my actions exactly just how much you mean to me // you're always there when I need you, I never have to wait, you always pick up when I call you to complain about our days // I never thought that I could ever be the person who ever found that special someone, I always figured I'd be smoking weed in front of the tv eating shit til my arteries clog and I die // and if this, is just a case of puppy love, then I'm still glad that it's here, 'cause if I don't stare too long then it might not ever disappear
so what'll it take for you to see things the way that I do? just for a minute, so I can be brutally honest with you, about everything I'm still so afraid of, being there is hard when things eventually fall apart // so would you do it if I told you how I felt? would you stick through it, when things aren't quite as easy as they once were? 'cause I have a tendency to take on more than I can handle, and you have a tendency to get mad when you're bored, and will you risk your sanity plus all the other things you might not end up liking about me? will you promise to love me more than you might hate me? // so I'll stay sober, or at least smoke a little less weed if you live closer, to me so I can still sleep at your house when it's cold and it's dark outside I've never slept that well in my whole life, and it's nice, to not have to try sometimes // 'cause no ones ever made me feel the way that you do, and no ones ever made me feel as loved as you do, and nobody else knows me the way that you do, nobody's ever been this good to me not even myself


VINYL PREORDERS /5000: smarturl.it/a9y32g
USA--Counter Intuitive Records
UK/EU--Big Scary Monsters



released July 3, 2018

Engineered/Mixed by Ryan Ellery @ The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA and @ home in Lafayette, CA
Mastered by James Trevascus in Bristol, UK

Music by Mom Jeans. and lyrics by Eric Butler
Mom Jeans. are:
-Austin Carango--d/v/trumpet
-Bart Starr--g/v
-Eric Butler--v/g/trombone
-Gabriel Paganin--b/v

Additional performances by;
-Brianda Goyos León (Just Friends/Sweet Peaches): vocals on track 7 and 10
-Sam Kless (Just Friends/Snooze): vocals on track 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 aux percussion on track 3
-Brandon Downum (Just Friends/Snooze): vocals on track 3, 4, 6, 8, 9

Photo (front) by Ali Nugent
Photos (back) provided by:
-Joey Tobin: www.joeytobin.com
-Leighton Stollard
-Holden Allison


all rights reserved



Mom Jeans. California


E. Butler
A. Carango
B. Thompson
S. Kless


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